Voice Over

Client Spotlight: Lamphouse Films

Most anyone who is serious about successful relationships, either in their personal life, or business, know that long term is the goal, right? Every new client is welcome, every new job is another adventure, and there’s nothing quite as exciting as closing a new deal, but in the same way that new love is exhilarating,…

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Wrapping Up Year One

As I prepare to celebrate this holiday season with my family, my heart is full when I look back at all I was able to do this year–my first full year!–in my voice over business. For those of you who have shown so much support already along the way, I’m excited to share with you…

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Whether you’re a  friend/ fan, agent or actor, or maybe a client or creative collaborator, thank you for taking a small moment of your valuable time to see what’s going on with me and my business. This is where I’ll be posting some of the things I get to do outside of my booth, both…

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