Client Spotlight: Lamphouse Films

Most anyone who is serious about successful relationships, either in their personal life, or business, know that long term is the goal, right? Every new client is welcome, every new job is another adventure, and there’s nothing quite as exciting as closing a new deal, but in the same way that new love is exhilarating, we want something that lasts. That’s why a client spotlight is an exciting prospect for me. As I continue to grow, I want to build long lasting, quality relationships with my clients that produce on-going benefits for both of us.

So today, I wanted to highlight one of my first relationship clients. Lamphouse Films
Lamphouse films is a production company in Lancaster PA, that makes films with a genuine passion, devotion to detail, and commitment to purpose-driven creativity.

From their website: “We love working with people who are driven by a passion of their own. When you pair your passion with ours, the results will be breathtaking.”
Talk about a good fit, right?! Gah! I love working with people who are passionate about their jobs!

Anyway, we’ve been working together since October of last year on an on-going campaign for PSECU—Pennsylvania’s largest credit union. We’ve worked together on TV spots, radio spots, and event pieces used internally.

Here’s one of the TV spots we did together.

Also, if you were to peruse Lamphouse’s portfolio, you’d see lots of other great work, including a fun little piece that they did for Prima Theatre, also in Lancaster. You know this drama nerd just geeked out over this delightful commercial—it just doesn’t get any better than singing and dancing in the streets.

Finally, if you’re interested in building a long-term, drama-free (I promise, I save it for the stage!) relationship with a VO who will learn your business, get to know your team, and be there whenever you need a voice to help you tell your stories, let me know.