Miracle Hill Promotional Video

Recently, I partnered with Miracle Hill Ministries to put together this touching promotional piece for their holiday giving. The video focuses on  Shepherd’s Gate, their shelter for women and children, which offers rescue services to women in the Upstate struggling with addiction, domestic abuse and homelessness. I got a chance to meet some of the incredible women who’ve gone through the program and now work there, giving back to others who share the needs they once had. We had a great day of filming with Aaron Johnson, who was as professional and efficient as you can ask for–not to mention sporting some stellar dreadlocks (I miss my dreads!) It’s always fun to be able to step out of the booth and collaborate with other creatives, but when it’s also for a cause as spectacular as that of Miracle Hill Ministry and Shepherd’s Gate, you just can’t go wrong.

An added bonus was getting to work with my son Eliot, who made his film debut here. It made all the snuggling, hugging and hand holding nice and comfortable for both of us. When I asked him how he got in touch with his feelings for the sad shots he responded, “I just thought about how I felt when Dad took Fortnight away!” 😂 #godad

I hope you enjoy this video, and if you feel inspired, head on over to Miracle Hill Ministry’s website to learn more about the beautiful work they’re doing.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have another film snippet to show you in a couple of weeks–my first job with my Greenville agent, Millie Lewis, so stay tuned to check that out.

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday season!