Wrapping Up Year One

As I prepare to celebrate this holiday season with my family, my heart is full when I look back at all I was able to do this year–my first full year!–in my voice over business. For those of you who have shown so much support already along the way, I’m excited to share with you a couple of this year’s highlights.

First of all, the completion of my sound studio in the early part of the year, paved the way for me to begin dedicating  real time and effort into putting to work the fantastic training I received from my formidably  fabulous coach, Nancy Wolfson, at Braintracks Audio.

Secondly, thanks to the artistically delightful efforts of my web designer, Kathy Osborne, the website is up and running smoothly–If only I could get her to write blog posts for me! (#wheresmycontent) Seriously guys, she’s amazing–so easy to work with, so talented, and super helpful to people like me who have personal issues with technology. (#wheresmypassword)

Additionally, I was able to book a few jobs with a couple of brands you guys might recognize: YouTube, Bose, Google and Hooters (What?! No worries Dad, it’s offscreen), along with some other jobs that have kept me busy learning and growing.

Speaking of the SCREEN, I’ve also had a couple of on-camera jobs pop up. One of them, the Miracle Hill spots, which I know you guys all know about was one of those great word of mouth sort of gigs, but the other, which I’ll be featuring in a blog post in just a few days hopefully when it comes out, is from my new partnership with Millie Lewis, through which I also hope to be booking and working because, you guys know I can’t stay cooped up behind the mic all the time. Sometimes a girl just needs that close-up!

Fifth and finally, I’m so pleased and grateful to announce that, in spite of all the start up expenses and irregular hours, Beth Martin, VO completed its first fiscal year in the black. I broke even back in November! Yay accounting! #redistheworst #itsabusinessnotahobby

So that’s just a bit of my year and some of the exciting things I have to be thankful for this holiday season. I’m also thankful for you, those who’ve cheered me on and wished me well in this journey. More to come!

Onward and upward!